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International Beatleweek Festival

Liverpool, UK. August, 2019, 2020 and 2023

The most important event for The Beatles fans in the world. Since 1984, this festival brings together the best bands dedicated to paying tribute to the Fab Four. This event takes place during a week in the cradle of The Beatles: the Cavern Club in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

We represented Colombia and Latin America at this festival in 2019, 2020, and 2023 with 70 bands from around the world. We performed (2019, 2023 e.a.) ten times (and more than 50 songs!) on several stages for seven days. Within the presentations few songs of The Beatles were versioned integrating the tiple, Colombian folk musical instrument. It is the second Colombian band to participate in the International Beatleweek.

El evento más importante para los fans de The Beatles en el mundo. Desde 1984, este festival reúne a las mejores bandas dedicadas a rendir homenaje a los Fab Four. Este evento se lleva a cabo durante una semana en la cuna de The Beatles: el Cavern Club en Liverpool, Reino Unido.

Representamos a Colombia y Latinoamérica en este festival en 2019, 2020 y 2023 con 70 bandas de todo el mundo. Actuamos diez veces (¡con más de 50 canciones cada año!) en varios escenarios durante siete días. Dentro de las presentaciones se versionaron algunas canciones de The Beatles integrando el tiple, instrumento musical popular colombiano. Es la segunda banda colombiana en participar en la International Beatleweek.


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